Issue Number Description Type Status
IS000997 Add affiliation from LDAP as a custom dimensions for Google Analytics Enhancement Request In Development
IS001579 Accessibility - Background Contrast Color correction Bug Open
IS000612 Accessibility - External Links, open in new tab Bug Open
IS000610 Accessibility - Light Blue/Green text color Bug Open
IS000611 Accessibility - My Class Schedule pagelet Bug Open
IS000614 Accessibility - Personal Information Pagelet Bug Open
IS000188 Activity Guide links not active at top-level To Do List Enhancement Request Open
IS000048 Add Class skips career choice screen for multi-career students Enhancement Request Open
IS000075 Add favorities to new UI Enhancement Request Open
IS000348 Add ids to html elements to better faciliate automated testing. Enhancement Request Open
IS000069 Add missing person information to the pagelet with emergency contact Enhancement Request Open
IS000040 Categorization, ordering and naming of content references in student menus. Enhancement Request Open
IS000073 Class schedule displays classes which have concluded for the semester. Enhancement Request Open
IS000044 Consent to do business for dual role Bug Open
IS000066 Create What-if report doe not have Component branding applied. Inquiry Open
IS000111 Display wait list position somplace on a Home Page Tab Enhancement Request Open
IS000076 Drill down links in class schedule pagelet Enhancement Request Open
IS000054 Emergency Contact Pagelet Does not display address if "Same address as individual" checked Bug Open
IS000092 Emergency Contact Pagelet does not display Address if 'Same address as individual' box checked Bug Open
IS000027 Fix component branding on Demographic Information component page Bug Open
IS000078 For multi-career students the Add Class to cart link doesn't offer career choice. Bug Open
IS000085 Grades pagelet should display something like N/A for grades which haven't been posted yet. Enhancement Request Open
IS000067 Hamburger Menu should retain it's state between page loads Inquiry Open
IS000058 LionPATH Logo Should link to home page tab for the current View Enhancement Request Open
IS000081 My Account pagelet button hangs off the edge of page at smallest browser size Bug Open
IS000083 My Account pagelet button hangs off the edge of page at smallest browser size Bug Open
IS000084 My Account pagelet's button hangs off the edge of page at smallest browser size Bug Open
IS000068 My Advisors Pagelet on Home Tab Enhancement Request Open
IS000059 Name in welcome message pulls from Description from User Profile. Could result in ALL CAPS or wrong Bug Open
IS000102 Presentation of Enrollment Appointment Data Enhancement Request Open
IS000041 Prevent Dual role users from seeing new UI when starting session with a deep link. Inquiry Open
IS000077 Starfish integration from advisor pagelet Enhancement Request Open
IS000786 Weekly View on Class Schedule Enhancement Request Open